The IECM software runs in the following environments:
  • Windows XP (32 bit only)
  • Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10
  • MacOS X (Intel) and Linux under Wine

(The use of the IECM under Wine is not officially supported, however we will try to avoid doing anything that would cause it to stop working.)

Contact us to be notified of new updates.

Download the Current Public Version (9.1) now.

MacOS X and Linux users: you will need to install the IECM under Wine. See the readme file for more details.

You may view the license here.

Note: This version was updated on 14Jan2016 to correct a crash when "Plant or Project Book Life" was changed. No other changes were made.

Note: This version was updated on 22Oct2015 to correct an error in the WetFGD + Lime configuration for PC plants. No other changes were made.

This version includes several new technology options and updates, plus major enhancements to the user interface that we think you’ll like.

Change Log:
Changes Since Beta Version 9.0.1:
This version includes additional technology options and updates, plus bug fixes. The major changes include:
  • Three new configurations for oxyfuel combustion, depending on the coal sulfur level.
  • Updates to the capital cost model of the post-combustion chemical looping system.
  • Update to the CO2 product compressor cost model for the IGCC/Selexol capture system.
  • Update to the default thermal efficiency of auxiliary gas-fired power plants for post-combution carbon capture (amine- and ammonia-based systems).
  • Bug fixes related to the new interface.
  • Adjustment to some titles for consistency across screens.
  • Edit functions such as copy, paste, and print available on most screens.
Changes Since Public Version 8.0.2:
Software Enhancements:
  • A new collapsible menu for navigation instead of the previous upper and lower "tabs"
  • A new "Configure Session" step at the top of the menu, where unit conversion options are now located
  • A new analytical option in the interface called "Analysis Tools" (with some cool stuff)
  • Addition of process diagrams to the Set Parameters screens
  • Various adjustments to user interface screens for better readability and consistency.
Technology Additions and Updates:
  • A new site-specific CO2 storage cost model and geological reservoir database
  • A new post-combustion calcium looping-based CO2 capture system for PC plants
  • A new option for IGCC plants to specify custom fuels and resulting syngas composition
  • Update to default process and project contingency factors for all IECM technologies in the Set Parameters screens (to reflect their current level of maturity and cost estimating basis)
  • Updates to the oxyfuel performance and cost models for PC plants, including the air separation unit, compression & purification unit, and direct contact cooler
  • Update to cost model of pre-combustion chemical looping option for IGCC plants
  • Update to direct capital costs of IGCC plants
  • Bug fixes related to certain performance and cost parameters.

Older Versions:

These are being temporarily provided for those who need an older version, e.g. students who have been told to use a specific version for a class. If you do not need an older version, we encourage you to Download the Current Public Version (9.1) instead.

Download Beta Version 9.0.1 now.

Download Public Version 8.0.2 now.

Download a conversion utility to allow you to use old session and fuel databases in newer versions of the IECM (starting with 8.0.1). This utility only runs under Windows.