40th Anniversary Celebration-Engineering and Public Policy - Carnegie Mellon University

40th Anniversary Celebration

April 21 - 22, 2017

Join us in celebrating EPP’s accomplishments over forty years as a department, and to recognize the individuals who have contributed to the department's success. EPP is hosting multiple events over Carnival Weekend. They include keynotes and numerous presentations exploring the contributions of EPP to technical policy. Check back here for updates!

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Friday, April 21

EPP Through the Years

1:00pm - 5:00pm | Porter Hall 100

Behavioral Decision Research and Risk Analysis
Analysis for People

A hallmark of EPP’s approach to analysis is being designed with people in mind.  To that end, it has developed and applied approaches to identify the information critical to decision makers’ needs, communicate technical information to non-specialist audiences, elicit expert judgments, create decision aids, and incorporate behavioral science results in formal analyses.  Each talk will provide a non-technical introduction to their own research while at EPP, set in the context of the motivating problem, earlier research, and the impacts of their work on the world and their own futures.

Information & Communication Technology
ICT Research 

This session discusses EPP's contributions to research on the policy issues of information and communications technology for the last forty years.  There will be detailed discussion of EPP's research impact on (i) wireless systems, including spectrum policy and communications systems for emergency responders, (ii) broadband networks, including economics, competition, and impact, and (iii) privacy and security.  We will also discuss educational contributions, such as creation of the Information Networking Institute, and an alumni view of EPP.

Design, Organization and Technology Change
EPP and DOT Change

Technology change has been associated with contributing 87.5% to increases in productivity (Solow), with 50% of growth in Total Factor Productivity in the 1990s being traceable to advances in microprocessors alone (Jorsenson). Technology change likewise has dramatic effects for social welfare and national security — from communications to the environment to sensing and the role of forms of production and technological superiority in war. This session looks at the Department of Engineering and Public Policy’s unique contributions to getting inside the black box of technology change, and the deep interactions between design, organizations, and technology change, and the critical role of policy in influencing the technological frontier and the consequences thereof.

Ice Cream Social

5:00pm - 6:00pm | Tung Au Lab - Porter Hall 107E

Saturday, April 22

Doctoral Women of Engineering & Public Policy

10:30am - 12:00pm

EPP Through the Years

1:00pm - 5:00pm | Porter Hall 100

Environmental Impacts and Decision Making
Environmental Assessment to Policy and Product Design

EPP research and education over the past 40 years have delivered new concepts, tools and insights on environmental processes, behavior and decision support for regulatory policy and process and product design.

Energy Systems
Snapshots of EPP’s Contributions to Research on Energy Systems

We will begin with a quick historical review of the energy issues EPP’s PhD students have been addressing.  We will move on to view a few snapshots across: transmission and distributed electricity services; efficiency, high CO2 (coal, CCS, etc.), nuclear, transportation energy and fuels, variable and intermittent renewables, energy and economic development.  At the end, we'll have a general conversation around the room and touch on a number of other projects.

40th Anniversary Gala

6:30 - 9:30pm | Phipps Conservatory
This event is by invitation only.