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The Greening of Early Undergraduate Education

Funded by the Henry Luce Foundation from 2003-2006, The Greening of Early Undergraduate Education project was a university-wide effort in environmental education primarily for first-year and second-year undergraduates. Over the three years, the project resulted in innovative modules or full courses that introduced concepts central to environmental literacy and built a learning community of the project faculty. A total of 35 courses have been affected, and the environmental material developed has been integrated permanently to the content of courses ranging from Writing and History to Art and Design to Architecture and Engineering. This innovation continues to touch over 300 students each semester. Three overarching features were embedded into the courses as foundations for ecological thinking:

Systems Thinking:

Connections and influences between ideas, people, and communities.

Life Cycles:

Respect for the role of time in nature, human activities, and our lives.

Self as Agent:

Knowledge and uncertainty as a basis for decision making.

Courses Developed through the Greening of Early Undergraduate Education:

Environmental Challenges and Solutions: Moving Toward Sustainability
Environmental Ethics
Environmental Geology
Exploring Connections: The Mind, Community and Environment
From Soil to Oil: Energy, Ecology, and Globalization
History of Sustainable Architecture
Interpretation and Argument: Environmental Justice
Interpretation and Argument: Global Climate Change
Interpretation and Argument: Green Literacy
Interpretation and Argument: Science Fiction and the Environment
Introduction to African History: 18th Century to Neo-Colonialism
Introduction to African History: Earliest Times to the Origins of the Slave Trade
Introduction to Environmental Sounds
Introduction to Global Agriculture
Mapping the Terrain: Environmental Thinking & Art Practice
Materials, Energy and Environment
Rachel Carson: Her Work and Legacy
Real Estate Design and Development
Rivers as Environmental Gateways to American History
Science and Technology for the Environment
Technology and the Environment
The Role of Environment in the Collapse of Ancient Societies

Project Proposal [.doc]    |    Final Report [.pdf]