Green Team Toolkit-Environment at CMU - Carnegie Mellon University

Green Team Toolkit

Environmental Sustainability Checklist for Departments [pdf]

This is a list of questions designed to help identify "problem areas," or things that are not currently as sustainable as they could be.

Creating a Green Team and Implementation Strategy [pdf]
This document gives an example of how to start a Green Team, from its creation to the implementation of changes.

Department Suggestions [pdf]

Here is a list of some things other departments have done to be more sustainbale as well as some other "low hanging fruit."

Greening Orientation Toolkit [pdf]

This is an example of how an already existing event can be made more sustainable. Though this document focuses just on Freshmen Orientation, much of it can be applied to other events.

Environmental Sustainability Checklist Resources

Here is a list of resources where you can find out more about all about all the things mentioned in the Sustainability Checklist as well as find out who to contact about specific changes.

Green Team Recruitment Flyer - (editable version) [pdf]

This is a flyer you can put around campus to advertise Green Teams. To create your own flyer with your departmental information instead of Barb's, use the editable flyer in Word.