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Environmental Related Courses

The real evidence of student learning is in the projects on which the students work in their classes and outside the class.

Carnegie Mellon teaches numerous environmental courses each semester. Some courses, often with pre-requisites, help build expertise in the field of environmental engineering, science, architecture or policy. Many other courses help build environmental literacy, some incorporating environmental content into courses focusing on topics such as writing, history or art and others focusing on specific facets of environment and sustainability. Courses that count towards any of the environmental majors or minors should be confirmed with the respective advisor. Please note that the following course list is offered as a resource and does not claim to be complete or definitive.

SPRING 2014 courses


48-240 Historical Survey of World Architecture and Urbanism I / Shaw, D.
48-420 City as Landscape: Geography as Method and Metaphor / Kline, J.
48-448 History of Sustainable Architecture / Rosenblum, C
48-468 Synthetic Flows / Cupkova, D.
48-576 Mapping Urbanism / Hutzell, K.
48-579 Middle Eastern Cities: Case Studies from Two Centuries of Urban History / El Samahy, R.
48-686 Synthetic Flows / Cupkova, D.
48-721 Building Controls and Diagnostics / Lam, K.
48-723 Performance of Advanced Building Systems / Hartkopf, V.  
48-731 Sustainable Design Synthesis Prep / Loftness, V.
48-752 Zero Energy Housing / Baird, N.

60-358 Art and Biology/ Maurides, P.


70-332 Business, Society and Ethics / Hornack, J.

99-151 Privilege, Responsibility, and Community/ Chickering, D.
99-193 Personal Nutrition / Martin, P.  
99-234 Environment Today: Food and the Environment / Adams, P.
99-245 Energy: Science, Society and Communication / Alba, W.
99-734 Environment Today: Food and the Environment / Adams, P.


62-334 Photography, Community and Change/ Brodsky, C.
62-358 Art and Biology/ Maurides, P. 


09-510 Introduction to Green Chemistry / Collins, T.
09-524 Environmental Chemistry / Sullivan, C.
09-534 Chemical Approaches to Energy Conservation & Storage / Washburn, N.
09-710 Introduction to Green Chemistry / Collins, T.
09-724 Environmental Chemistry / Sullivan, C.

06-365 Water Technology and Policy / Mauter, M.
06-620 Global Atmospheric Chemistry: Fundamentals and Data Analysis Methods / Donahue, N.


39-612 Energy Policy and Economics / Whitacre, J.
39-613 Energy Transport and Storage / Landis, D.

12-100 Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering / Oppenheim, I / Thompson, J.
12-201 Geology / Kilburg, J/ Jacobs, A.
12-351 Environmental Engineering / Lowry, G. / Miller, J.
12-352 Environmental Engineering Lab / Dzombak, D., Miller, J.
12-629 Environmental Microbiology for Engineers / Gregory, K.
12-658 Hydraulic Structures / Kyper, T.    
12-714 Environmental Life Cycle Assessment / Hendrickson, C.
12-718 Sustainable Engineering Project / Miller, J. / Nakles, D.
12-724 Biological Wastewater Treatment / VanBriesen, J.
12-728 Special Topics: Remediation Engineering / Wice, R.
12-729 Environmental Microbiology for Engineers / Gregory, K.
12-730 Special Topics: Environmental Nanotechnology / Lowry, G.
12-733 Special Topics: Databases & Data Systems for Environmental Modeling / Karcher, S.


51-172 Design Thinking, Places and Systems / Tonkinwise, C. / Brodsky, C.
51-222 Decoding Place / Mentzer, M. / Hughes, K.
51-334 Photography, Community and Change/ Brodsky, C.
51-388 Sharing Economies / Tonkinwise, C.
51-396 Design, Ethos & Action / TBA
51-788 Sharing Economies / Tonkinwise, C.
51-796 Design, Ethos & Action / TBA


66-329 Elective Seminar: Green Governance / TBA


73-148 Environmental Economics / Rueter, F.
73-433 Environmental Policy and Economics / Kang, K.


19-365 Water Technology Innovation and Policy / Mauter, M.
19-626 Climate Science and Policy / Adams, P.  
19-440 Combustion and Air Pollution Control / Presto, A.
19-443 Special Topics in EPP: Climate Change, Impacts and Adaptation / Jaramillo, P.
19-714 Environmental Life Cycle Assessment and Green Design / Hendrickson, C.
19-653 Special Topics Climate Change Mitigation / Lima De Azevedo, I. / Robinson, A.
19-655 Special Topics in EPP: Sustainable Energy for the Developing World / Jaramillo, P.
19-656 Special Topics: Current Issues in EPP: CO2 Capture and Sequestration / Mantripragada, H. / Zhai, H.
19-656 Environmental Politics and Policy / Stine, D. / Matthews, D.
19-666 Energy Policy and Economics / Whitacre, J.
19-716 Special Topics Science and Technology Policy, Analysis and Processes / Stine, D. 
19-724 Special topics: Materials for Energy Storage / Whitacre, J.
19-739 Engineering and Economics of Electric Energy Systems / Ilic, J.
19-740 Combustion and Air Pollution Control / Presto, A.
19-882 Seminar in Low-Carbon Electric Power / Apt, J.
19-883 Special Topics: Seminar in Climate & Energy Decision Making Under Uncertainty / Lima De Azevedo, I.


76-395 Science Writing / Roth, M.
76-795 Science Writing / Roth, M.

HEINZ COLLEGE: School of Public Policy & Management

90-733 Urban Development / Whitmer, G.
90-765 Cities, Technology and the Environment / Tarr, J.
90-789 Sustainable Community Development / Mehalik, M. 
90-808 US Energy Policy / Kupfer, J.   
93-809 Public Art / Piechocki, R.

79-104 Global Histories: Innovation and Social Change / Soluri, J.   
79-275 Introduction to Global Studies / Eiss, P.
79-288 Bananas, Baseball, and Borders: A History of Latin American and the United States / Soluri, J.
79-289 Animal Planet: An Environmental History of People and Animals / Soluri, J.   
79-343 History of American Urban Life / Falck, Z.
79-354 Energy & Climate: History, Science, Technology, and Policy in the United States 1776-2076 / Hounshell, D.
79-369 Disastrous Encounters / Reilly, B.   
79-383Epidemic Disease and Public Health / Reinhardt, B.
79-394 Urban Revitalization / Gleeson, R.


08-340 Green Computing / Agarwal, Y. 

27-724 Materials for Energy Storage / Whitacre, J.


24-292 Special Topics in Renewable Energy Engineering / Yao, S.
24-425 Combustion and Air Pollution Control / Presto, A.
24-628 Energy Transport and Conversion at the Nanoscale / Malen, J.
24-640 Special Topics in Climate Change Mitigation / Robinson, A. / Lima De Azevedo, I.
24-740 Combustion and Air Pollution Control / Presto, A.


80-136 Social Structure, Public Policy & Ethics / Rich, P.
80-220 Philosophy of Science / TBA
80-348 Health Development and Human Rights / TBA


88-352 Environmental Economics and Policy
88-413 Energy and Climate: History, Science, Technology, and Policy in the US 1776-2076 / Hounshell, D.

STUCO (Student Led Courses)

98-209 WMDs, War & Warming World: Modeling / Abdulla, A. / Frankenstein, W.

98-225 Beekeeping 101 / Devine, J.


45-928 Energy Finance / Telmer, C.
47-882 Seminar in Low-Carbon Electric Power / Apt, J.

For complete course listings please visit the Carnegie Mellon Schedule of Classes.