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Environmental Related Courses

The real evidence of student learning is in the projects on which the students work in their classes and outside the class.

Carnegie Mellon teaches numerous environmental courses each semester. Some courses, often with pre-requisites, help build expertise in the field of environmental engineering, science, architecture or policy. Many other courses help build environmental literacy, some incorporating environmental content into courses focusing on topics such as writing, history or art and others focusing on specific facets of environment and sustainability. Courses that count towards any of the environmental majors or minors should be confirmed with the respective advisor. Please note that the following course list is offered as a resource and does not claim to be complete or definitive.

FALL 2014 courses


48-116 Building Physics / Lam, K.
48-315 Environment I: Climate and Energy / Loftness, V.
48-354 Nano Course/ Arscott, M.
48-371 American House and Housing / Shaw, D.
48-401 Architecture Design Studio: Sustainable Design/ TBA
48-454 Future of the City/ Cities of the Future / El Samahy, R.
48-501 Architecture Design Studio: Sustainable Design/ Hayes, H.
48-431 Bio Logic Responsive Building Technology / Clifford, D.
48-432 Environment II: Mechanical Systems / Mattern, G.
48-453/48-753 Urban Design Methods/ El Samahy, R.
48-729 Productivity, Health and the Quality of Buildings / Loftness, V.
48-731 Sustainable Design Synthesis Prep/ Loftness, V./ Abdul-Aziz, A.
48-732 Sustainable Design Synthesis / Loftness, V./ Abdul-Aziz, A.
48-738 Special topics: Ecological Footprints / Hartkopf, V.
48-795 LEED, Green Design and Building Rating in Global Context / Baird, N.

60-203 Concept Studio: EcoArt/ Bingham, B.
60-366 Culture in the Public Realm/ King, E.


42-641 Bio Inspired Robotics / Sitti, M.


03-121 Modern Biology / Brasier, D./ Minden, J./ Finkel, J.
03-132 Basic Science to Modern Medicine / McCartney, B.

70-332 Business, Society and Ethics / Tungate, D.
70-376 Energy Systems / Apt, J.

99-151 Privilege, Responsibility, and Community / Dickert, J.
99-238 Materials, Energy and the Environment/ Heard, R.


62-483/ Growing Theater Community Outreach/ Mundell, A.


09-103 Atoms, Molecules, and Chemical Change / Vuocolo, L.
09-219 Modern Organic Chemistry / Noonan, K.
09-507/09-707 Nanoparticles / Jin, R.


39-610 Energy Conversion and Supply / Picard, Y.N.
39-611 Energy Demand and Utilization/ Samaras, C.

12-100 Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering / Thompson, J.
12-201 Geology / Jacobs, A.
12-301 Civil Environmental Engineering Projects / Coffelt, D./ Finger, S.
12-401 Civil and Environmental Engineering Design/ Cartwright, L.
12-651/12-751 Air Quality Engineering / Sullivan, C.
12-679 Special Topics: Intro to Meteorology / Adams, P. 
12-702 Fundamentals of Water Quality Engineering/ Biagini, B.
12-712 Introduction to Sustainable Engineering/ Hendrickson, C.
12-725 Fate, Transport and Physiochemical Processes of Organic Contaminants in Aqua Systems / Lowry, G.
12-720 Water Resources Chemistry / Dzombak, D.
12-747 Special Topics: Sustainable Buildings / Flynn, K.
12-749 Special Topics: Climate Change Adaptation / Samaras, C.
12-752 Special Topics: Data-Driven Building Energy Management / Berges, M.
12-765 International Climate Adaption and Innovation for Critical Infrastructure / TBA


51-126 Human Experience in Design / TBA


76-476/76-876 Rhetoric of Science / Wynn, J.


18-587 Electrical Energy Conversion, Control and Management / Ilic, J.
18-618 Smart Grids and Future Electric Energy Systems / Ilic, M.
18-743 Energy Aware Computing / Marculescu, D.
18-882 Special Topics in Energy Systems: Power Electronics / Ilic, J. 


19-411 Global Competitiveness: Firms, Nations and Technological Change / Fuchs, E.
19-424 Energy and the Environment / Rubin, E.
19-472 Special topics: Fundamentals of Electric Power Systems / Hug, G.
19-624 Special Topics Emerging Energy Policies- Shale Gas / Stine, D
19-638 Smart Grids and Future Electric Energy Systems / Ilic, M.
19-645 Special Topics in Chemical Process Technology and Industry Structure/ Siirola, J.
19-648 International Climate Adaptation and innovation for Critical Infrastructure / Klima, K.
19-683 Special Topics: Innovation Policy and Processes/ Stine, D.
19- 696 Special Topics: Sustainable Development and Innovation/ Zaidi, M. 
19-701 Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Policy Analysis/ Morgan, G. /Lima De Azevedo, I.
19-717 Introduction to Sustainable Engineering / Hendrickson, C./ VanBriesen, J.
19-751 Air Quality Engineering/ Sullivan, C.
19-883 Special topics: Seminar in Climate & Energy Decision Making Under Uncertainty / Lima De Azevedo, I.


76-319/76-719 Environmental Rhetoric / Flower, L.

HEINZ COLLEGE: School of Public Policy & Management

90-743 Urban and Regional Economic Development / Paytas,  J.
90-798 Environmental Policy & Planning / Mehalik, M.
90-802 Geographic Information Systems / Kurland, K./ Qian, Z.
90-811 Foundation of Social Innovation and Enterprise / Zak, T.
90-816 Introduction to Migration Policy / Kovak, B.
90-828 Economics of Global Warming / Branstetter, L.   
93-839 Global Health Diplomacy / Chow, J.
90-860 Policy in a Global Economy/ Kovak, B.


79-104 Global Histories: Genocide and Weapons of Mass Destruction / Law, R.   
79-167 Freshman Seminar: Issues in American Environmental History / Tarr, J.
79-303 Pittsburgh and the Transformation of Modern Urban America / Tarr, J.
79-329 Health and the Environment in U.S. History / Reinhardt, B.
79-384 Garbage Gone Global: Managing Surplus, Waste and Desire / Faulk, K.


24-424 Energy and the Environment / Rubin, E.
24-629 Direct Solar and Energy Conversion / Shen, S.
24-642 Fuel Cell Systems / TBA
24-683 Design for Manufacture and the Environment / TBA
24-722 Energy System Modeling / Litster, S.


57-414/57-914 Music and Nature / Fallon, R.


80-348/80-648 Health Development and Human Rights / Wenner, D. 


33-101 First Year Seminar: Science and Science Fiction / Luokkala, B.


88-412 Economics of Global Warming/ Branstetter, L. 


45-960 Sustainable Operations / Wolf, A. 

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