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Climate Related Courses

Carnegie Mellon University is intensely interested in climate related research and education.  As such, the faculty have compiled a list of climate specific courses that are offered throughout the University's colleges and departments. 

Course Number

Course Title



Course Notes

12-651/24-626 Air Quality Engineering

Adams, P.

Sullivan, C.

Every Fall Semester
12-749 Special Topics: Climate Change Adaptation CEE Samaras, C. Fall Semester- Mini
39-611 Energy Demand and Utilization CIT Interdisciplinary Samaras, C. Fall Semester- Mini
12-781 Fundamentals of Atmospheric Aerosols CEE Adams, P.
Spring Semester,
every 2 years
19-624 Special Topics: Emerging Energy Policies- Shale Gas EPP Stine, D. Fall Semester
19-442/19-655 Special Topics in EPP: Climate Change, Impacts and Adaptation EPP (CEE) Grossman, I. 2015 Spring Semester
19-626 Climate Science and Policy CEE Adams, P.
Spring Semester,
every 2 years
19-653/24-640 Climate Change Mitigation EPP/Mech-E Robinson, A. Azevedo, I. Spring Semester
19-883 Special Topics: Seminar in Climate & Energy Decision Making Under Uncertainty EPP Azevedo, I.

Spring/Fall Semsters

every semester

90-828/88-412 Economics of Global Warming Public Policy/SDS Branstetter, L.
Spring Semester
90-779/88-433 The Shale Gas Revolution Public Policy/SDS Branstetter, L.
Fall Semester
06-697 Introduction to Meteorology Chem-E Adams, P.
NEW 2014 Fall Semester,
every 2 years
06-620 Global Atmospheric Chemistry Chem-E/Chemistry Donahue, N.
Spring Semester,
every 2 years
45-978 The Sustainable Business: Energy and Environmental Policies
EPP/CEE Griffin, M.
Spring Semester
79-354 Energy & Climate: History, Science, Technology, and Policy in the United States 1776-2076 History/SDS Hounshell, D.
Spring Semester
48-315 Environment I: Climate & Energy Architecture Loftness, V.
Fall Semester
19-656 Special Topics: Current Issues in EPP: CO2 Capture and Sequestration EPP

Mantripragada, H.

Zhai, H.

Spring Semester

19-424/24-424 Energy and the Environment EPP/Mech-E Rubin, E.
Fall Semester
09-524/09-724 Environmental Chemistry
Chemistry Sullivan, C.
Spring Semester
**-*** Communication of Extreme Weather & Climate Science EPP Wong- Parodi, G.

New Course

Fall Semester

**-*** International Climate Adaptation and innovation for Critical Infrastructure EPP Klima, K.

Fall Semester- Mini