SEM Training Course-Department of Materials Science and Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University

SEM Training Course

These training sessions are required for all graduate students who plan on using the SEMs in the Materials Characterization Facility in their research. This training will cover the scanning electron microscope, secondary electron imaging, back‐scattered electron imaging and energy dispersive x‐ray spectroscopy. Please note that this is a training course intended for students doing research and not a class for credit.

‐‐Cost: $300, must provide oracle number‐‐


  • Advisor approval and oracle number (course cost is $300)
  • Complete online "Radiation Safety Training for EM and XPS Users" through Bioraft

The course will be every Tuesday from 1:30pm ‐ 3:00pm (lecture) and Wednesday from 1:30pm - 4pm (lab) over three weeks:

Week 1: 6/13 1:30pm ‐ 3:00pm, 6/14 1:30pm - 4:00pm
Week 2: 6/20 1:30pm ‐ 3:00pm, 6/21 1:30pm - 4:00pm
Week 3: 6/27 1:30pm ‐ 3:00pm, 6/28 1:30pm - 4:00pm
Week 4: 7/3 - 7/7, by individual appointment

After the last lab, students will schedule a one-on-one training session with the instructors.

*If you are unavailable during these dates but need SEM training prior to the next course tentatively planned for June, please contact Betsy to see if an accommodation can be made.

Materials Characterization Facility Classroom, Roberts Hall, Rm 124

Contact Betsy Clark ( by Friday, June 9 to register for the course. Please cc your advisor on the e-mail!

Dr. Betsy Clark and Dr. Adam Wise

*We intend to offer the SEM training course three times a year. The next training session is tentatively planned for October 2017.