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05.21.17 | E&TIM Commencement 2017

E&TIM graduates were honored at a joint diploma ceremony with the Department of Engineering & Public Policy, as part of Carnegie Mellon's Commencement weekend. 

E&TIM Diploma Ceremony 2017

E&TIM Masters Graduates

  • Saket Bohania
  • Ti-Chen Chen                             
  • Sandhya Ranganathan Iyer
  • Lee He           
  • Travis Scott Miller
  • Rohit Vishal Mishra
  • Aakash Pathak
  • Jeremie Pocachard
  • Weijun Qian
  • Nikhil S. Ranga
  • Kelsey E. Scott
  • Neha Chintamani Sharma
  • Sonia Sharma
  • Apratim Vidyarthi

E&TIM Dual Degree

  • Pritham Velamur Aravind (CEE)     
  • Hao Gu (CEE)
  • Stephanie Cathryn Beels (BME)      
  • Suyash Kela (MEG)
  • Narayanaswami Sriram              
  • Enzhe Lu (CEE)
  • Bharadwaj (CEE)                    
  • Sheyda Demooei (ECE)
  • Courtney Mae Thier (CEE)
  • Mayuri Gupta (BME)
  • Yujie Wei (CEE)
  • Akshay Satish Kulkarni (ECE)       
  • Yu Zhang (MEG)  
  • Qin Lu (CHE)                               
  • Rochelle Lauren Nakia Samuel (CEE)
  • Yao-Hsuan Tseng (MSE)            
  • Dian Yu (MSE)   

04.27.17 | E&TIM Director Jimmy Williams named Outstanding Alumni by Texas A&M University College of Engineering

Jimmy Williams honored as Alumni

Jimmy Williams was one of six alumni honored by The Texas A&M University College of Engineering during the 2017 Outstanding Alumni Awards Banquet. Read more >>

04.21.17 | Inside Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital

What venture capitalists are looking for is often different from what entrepreneurs think they are looking for.

E&TIM workshopThis is the core lesson that Tim Danford, entrepreneur, product manager, and former venture capitalist, brought to campus in an exclusive event for young leaders. On April 20 and 21, the workshop, “Entrepreneurs and Venture Capitalists: An Insider’s View,“ explored the venture business model, in order to help entrepreneurs bridge gaps in in their knowledge of funding. According to Danford, growing a company and securing funding take differing skillsets that entrepreneurs often lack, which puts them at a disadvantage when it’s time to take their company to the next level.

Tim has been an investor and entrepreneur for more than 15 years; his first startup was based on the early Alex Hills’ project, Andrew Wi-Fi. He was on the Corporate Development team at Cisco Systems and started a few venture-backed companies as a co-founder and incubation/seed investor. He had fiduciary responsibility for multiple funds as a managing director and partner, and is currently the New Product Deployment Lead for the Facebook Connectivity Lab.

Danford summarizes his experience with E&TIM executive director Jimmy Williams in an interview.

03.28.17 | Sustainability Weekend Registration Is Open

Sustainability Weekend registration open

CMU Sustainable Earth is hosting the second-annual Sustainability Weekend from April 6-8, 2017

Sustainability Weekend is a 3-day conference that aims to showcase the larger context of sustainability beyond the environment. Following this year’s theme of My Impact in Sustainability, this weekend will bring students and professionals together to spark conversations about their individual impact towards a more sustainable world. It is both informative, with speakers and panels, as well as interactive, with guided tours and workshops. We will be covering a diverse range of topics including social injustice, recycling, getting involved with the local community, entrepreneurship, and food waste. Register now

Keynotes include:

"The Intersection of Technology and Human Behavior" | April 6, Porter Hall 100, 4:30 - 6 pm
Eric Bear, Chief Experience Officer, Curb

"The Corporate Individual" | April 7, UC Connan, 4:30 - 6 pm
Ben Cuozzo, Project Manager, GRID Alternatives

"Social Injustice: Gentrification in Pittsburgh" | April 8, UC Connan, 5 - 6 pm
Majestic Lane, Deputy Chief of Neighborhood Empowerment, Office of the Mayor

Questions? Contact Courtney Thier.

03.15.17 | Arden Rosenblatt Featured for Transforming Pittsburgh

Arden RosenblattE&TIM alum Arden Rosenblatt was among those listed in "Who's Next in Technology" in Pittsburgh publication The incline. “Arden has always taken a Pittsburgh-first approach,” a nominator wrote, adding that Rosenblatt works to bring major organizations into the region and to build a strong network to connect Pittsburgh to cities across the country.

Arden and co-founder Alejandro Sklar graduated from Pittsburgh's AlphaLab Gear hardware accelerator program. Their consumer-focused toy printer, PieceMaker, was named “Best of Toy Fair 2016” by Popular Science Magazine and and Piecemaker is currently working with companies like Nickelodeon, Toys”R”Us and Ford Motors.

01.28.17 | Women Empowerment in STEM Conference: A Student Perspective

Sakhi ShahE&TIM student Sakhi Shah attended the weSTEM conference January 28th in Chicago and returned with a recap of the event. 

"I was able to network and connect with students and professionals, and really understand my role and opportunities as a women in a STEM fields as well as how to deal with hurdles that I may face during my career." 

Read more from Sakhi.

01.26.17 | Piper Spotlight: M. Shernell Smith

Shernell SmithCarnegie Mellon's student newspaper, The Piper, recently interviewed E&TIM's Student Affairs liason, Shernell Smith.

She explains the importance of her position at Carnegie Mellon, explaining that “Inclusion and advocacy is not just an important part of my work in Student Affairs but it is an important part of my work in Staff Council as well.”

In her spare time, Smith serves on the board of the Thomas Merton Center and works with the Urban League of Pittsburgh, the Greater Pittsburgh Higher Education Diversity Consortium and Pennsylvania Women Work, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering women. “I’m able to bring the CMU experience into the Pittsburgh community and the Pittsburgh community into the CMU experience,” Smith said.

01.24.17 | Jimmy Williams Shares His Experience in “Why Graduate School?” Keynote

On Tuesday, January 24, the Black Graduate Student Organization (BGSO) hosted its second installment of the “Why Graduate School?” series, focusing on planning for graduate school.

The evening began with a keynote from Dr. Jimmy Williams, Executive Director and Distinguished Service Professor of the E&TIM program. Over the course of his career, Dr. Williams has held multiple corporate executive positions in the technology industry. He shared his experiences with graduate and undergraduate students, outlining his career path, and articulating the value of advanced degrees in industry. He also touched on the importance of diversity in the workplace, as well as the dichotomy between working for academia and the industry. Read more >>

01.22.17 | E&TIM Alum Among Forbes 30 Under 30 in Social Entrepreneurship

Forbes 30 under 30

Pablo Sanchez SantaeufemiaPablo Sanchez Santaeufemia (E&TIM 15), co-founder and CEO of Bridge for Billions, was named one of Forbes Magazine Europe's 30 Under 30 in Social Innovation. Forbes honorees represented 51 countries from six continents.     

Bridge for Billions is the online incubator that helps early-stage entrepreneurs across the globe to structure, develop, and refine their businesses with a mentor. They are inspired by the idea that there are millions of worthy entrepreneurs across the world lacking skilled support, and just as many passionate individuals globally who are ready to share their knowledge and experience.