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EST&P graduates are furthering their career goals in different industries, market sectors, consultancies, non-profits, NGOs, universities, ... and in locations around the world. To learn what several alumni are doing read their spotlights below; for more information click on the drop-downs by academic year or visit the listing of companies page.


Dhruv Bhatnagar
(M.S. '11)

EST&P alum Dhruv Bhatnagar began his career as a Process Engineer, and now focuses on grid technologies and efficiencies for the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities as an Energy Regulatory Analyst.

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Joshua B

Joshua Bordin

(M.S. '11)

EST&P alum Joshua Bordin focuses on process safety in hydrocarbon processing plants at Siemens Energy.  In his words, “Hydrocarbons plants are like pressure cookers and you have to maintain the vents to let steam out. This involves designing the vents for large vessels so that they do not blow up”.
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Dan H

Daniel Hochman
(M.S. '14)

EST&P alum Dan Hochman credits the EST&P program for helping him help Sealed get where they are today in the energy efficiency space. 
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Jessica Lyman
(M.S. '12)

EST&P alum Jessica Lyman stated that she chose CMU and the EST&P program since it effectively balances teaching the highly technical concepts applicable to the energy industry while also focusing on the motivating factors like policy and business interests that drive the direction of the industry.

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Ratiporn (Noey) Munprom
(M.S. '11)

EST&P alum Noey Munprom felt the interdisciplinary nature of the EST&P program allowed her to meet and interact with students from different majors, concentrations, and cultures leading to rich and diverse energy insights and experiences from all over the globe.

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Dan Wetzel

Daniel Wetzel

(M.S. '11)

EST&P alum Daniel Wetzel focuses on Emerging Technologies and Communication in the grid at the Rocky Mountain Institute. Dan is currently proposing micro-grids and battery storage for the Caribbean Islands and placing them with companies that can help them get to that point.
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