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The Scott Institute has produced a series of brief videos to educate the public and policymakers about key energy innovation issues.   

Additionally, as part of CMU's iTunesU collection, we are bringing together video resources on topics related to energy innovation.

For more information about Scotty, CMU's mascot who is featured in the videos »

Chemistry in a New Light: Solar Fuels

Carnegie Mellon University Chemistry Professor Stefan Bernhard explains why we need solar fuels and how they work. Watch video >>

Are you REALLY saving the environment investing in a wind farm or solar power plant?

Carnegie Mellon University's Inês Azevedo summarizes a paper developed with fellow researchers Kyle Siler-Evans, M. Granger Morgan, and Jay Apt that explores regional and technological aspects of this question. Watch video »

Rebound Effect

CMU's Inês Azevedo explains and analyzes the impact of the rebound effect for each of the 50 states, and makes recommendations for policymakers. Watch video »

Energy Storage and Conversion: The Next Generation

Carnegie Mellon University Professor Jay Whitacre provides an overview of the importance of energy storage and conversion technologies, as well as next-generation devices being developed at CMU:

You can help

The Scott Institute will soon release a policymaker guide that discusses actions U.S. policymakers at the national, state and local level can take to support development of these technologies.

The public can both encourage these actions and support the development of next-generation technologies like these at universities throughout the country. Find out what is happening with energy storage in your community »

Are You REALLY Saving the Environment with Your Hybrid or Plug-in Car?

Carnegie Mellon University Professor Jeremy Michalek describes his recent research analyzing the potential cost and greenhouse gas savings of hybrid and electric vehicles under different driving conditions.

You can help

Think about how you drive before purchasing your next car. It can help your wallet and the environment. 

CMU on iTunesU — Shale Gas Policy

CMU's Shale Gas Policy collection provides presentations by a number of faculty on key issues related to shale gas and the environment, shale gas governance and development, operational risk issues and natural gas vehicle transportation.