2011-Wilton E. Scott Institute for Energy Innovation - Carnegie Mellon University


December 1, 2011

Press Release: CMU's Jonathan Cagan Launches New Course To Help Identify Future Technology-Based Products for Industry and Society

Student Innovators

For every Thomas Edison or Steve Jobs, a thousand innovators vanish into obscurity. Thanks to Carnegie Mellon University Mechanical Engineering Professor Jonathan Cagan, a handful of creative student innovators are getting their moment in the sun. More »

October 31, 2011

News Brief: CMU Startup Aquion Receives World Technology Award

Greenlighting Startups

Aquion Energy, a Carnegie Mellon University startup, received the 2011 World Technology Award in Energy for its work in creating a safe, reliable and affordable way to store energy. Aquion was recognized over more than 40 other nominees, including General Electric, First Solar and 1366 Technologies. More »

June 17, 2011

Press Release: Carnegie Mellon Engineering Professors Create World's Smallest Fuel Cell Powered By Biology

Carnegie Mellon University's Kelvin B. Gregory and Philip R. LeDuc have created the world's smallest fuel cell powered by bacteria. Future versions of the biology-powered fuel cell could be used for self-powered sensing devices in remote locations where batteries are impractical, such as deep ocean or geological environments. More »

April 26, 2011

Press Release: Carnegie Mellon Engineering Students Weigh Costs of Energy Supply Accidents; Class Finds Lack of Data Underestimates Risks In U.S. Energy Supply Chain

The national cost of energy supply accidents over the past decade are estimated to exceed $50 billion, mostly from oil spills and electric power outages. But a lack of critical data on the full scope of energy supply accidents make it impossible to quantify all the costs. More »

March 17, 2011

Press Release: Carnegie Mellon Researchers Study Impact Hybrid Cars Have on Global Environment

Every major U.S. automaker will have a hybrid vehicle model available on the market by 2012, and a few of these models will be plug-in electric hybrids. As crude oil prices spike past $100 a barrel, Carnegie Mellon University researchers are studying how increased reliance on vehicles powered by electricity will impact the environment. More »

January 20, 2011

Press Release: Carnegie Mellon's Shawn Litster Earns NSF Career Young Investigator Award for Energy Research

Shawn Litster

Carnegie Mellon University's Shawn Litster was awarded a $400,000 Career Young Investigator Award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to pursue fuel cell and lithium-ion battery research. More »