Jay Whitacre-Wilton E. Scott Institute for Energy Innovation - Carnegie Mellon University

Jay Whitacre

Jay Whitacre

Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and Engineering and Public Policy

When to call:  Whitacre's work includes energy storage, conversion, power grids and electric vehicles.

He is also founder of Aquion Energy, a CMU spinoff company working to produce a safe, reliable and affordable large-scale storage device for power grids.

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CMU's Jay Whitacre, the founder of grid battery maker Aquion Energy, discusses the next generation of energy storage technologies being pioneered at CMU.

Jay Whitacre is an assistant professor of Engineering and Public Policy, and Materials Science and Engineering. He discusses his research on energy conversion, large-scale energy storage, power grids, electric vehicles and his spin-off company, Aquion Energy.

Whitacre presented about low cost batteries and if they can help us to use more renewables and build fewer transmission lines at the symposium celebrating the launch of the institute.