Seed Funding Opportunities-Wilton E. Scott Institute for Energy Innovation - Carnegie Mellon University

Seed Grants for Energy Research

Seed funding is available to support faculty research at Carnegie Mellon University in areas such as energy sources, production, efficiency, environmental impact of energy, including shale gas; policy and economic issues.

In 2013, a first round of grants resulted in six projects being funded from 26 proposals.

In 2014, a second round of grants resulted in seven projects from 34 submissions:

  • Production and testing of a set of instruments to collect appliance electricity use
  • Development and pilot testing of designs for use with instruments to measure appliance electricity use
  • Distributed optimization of electric power systems; intelligent positioning
  • Pseudocapacitive materials for low-carbon water desalination
  • Advanced nuclear materials for decarbonizing the energy infrastructure
  • Ways to make small powerful permanent magnets without the use of rare earth or noble metals
  • New production routes for oxide dispersion strengthened iron alloys

The Scott Institute will host a public event in 2015 at which investigators who received the seed funding will report their progress and plans for continued future research.