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Radiation Safety Training Courses

Electron Microscope & XPS Safety Training

Radionuclide (RAM), New User Training

Specialized Safety

X-ray, Initial New User Training

Ancillary Safety Training

Ancillary Training is required for those persons who do not work with radioactive materials themselves, but who work in an area posted for radioactive materials, or who have cause to enter such an area as part of their work.

Electron Microscope & XPS Safety Training

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection requires that all users of Electron Microscopes (EM) and XPSs receive radiation safety training. This training is available to EM/XPS users at Carnegie Mellon through an online PowerPoint presentation. A short quiz and user information request follows the training and functions as proof that the user has met the requirement.

Radionuclide (RAM) New User Training

Radionuclide (RAM) New User training is the first step to using either unsealed RAM or sealed sources (or both).  This training is available online but arrangements may be made with the Radiation Safety Office to have training conducted in person for larger groups.

The second step is completion of the training practicum. The practicum is conducted in a laboratory environment and allows new users to practice survey and spill response. Arrangements for this training may be made when completing the information page following the online quiz.

Specialized Safety Training

Specialized safety training is developed and administered on an as needed basis by the Radiation Safety Office. The RS office customizes the training to satisfy safety requirements of each radionuclide or radiation-producing machine authorization request.

In the event that a radionuclide authorization (RA) does not stipulate specialized training and you wish to receive supplemental training, forward requests to the Radiation Safety Officer.

X-Ray Safety Training

The X-ray safety training consists of an electronic and practical training presentation. The electronic session is a web-based power point presentation that illustrates many fundamental concepts of ionizing radiation and basics of radiation protection principles. The electronic training session may be accessed at the web-based initial x-ray training link. After you complete the web-based x-ray safety training, you must contact the manager of the specific x-ray device to schedule the practical training session.

Completion of this course and a passing grade of at least 70% on the written exam fulfill the requirements for you to be approved to use x-ray diffraction equipment, under an existing principal investigator’s authorization, at Carnegie Mellon University .

Please note that this course does NOT fulfill the requirements for use of fluoroscopy units or radionuclides. This course will NOT grant you an AUTHORIZATION to use radiation-producing machinery as a PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR, although it is a requirement for principal investigator authorization.