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Shop Safety

Shops are vitally important to the successful operation of many of our departments on campus.  They also serve as teaching tools and places for students to complete projects.  Whether they are wood shops, metal shops, robotic shops, or any other type of shop, they all present their own kinds of hazards, and it is important that shop users know how to deal with the potential hazards that may be found in the shop environment.

A list of general shop rules and guidelines has been developed and posted in all student shops.  The poster can be found in the documents section on the right.  An online student shop safety training program is also available.

The Shop Safety Committee (SSC) meets quarterly and includes representatives from all departments that have shops where students are working. This committee serves as an advisory board with Environmental Health & Safety to the campus community.  They recommend procedures and guidance to the University for Best Practices for our student in shops that utilize high powered machinery.    The committee also serves as a forum that will foster a culture of safety within our machines shops. 


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