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Confined Space Entry in the Workplace

Employees who are required to enter OSHA-defined confined spaces must attend Confined Space Entry Training prior to making the entry.  Confined space rescuers must also complete a training. Conversely, those who have no need to enter a confined space are prohibited from doing so. Because of the serious nature of confined space accidents there are no exceptions to this rule.

OSHA defines a confined space as a space that:

  • Is large enough and so configured that an employee can enter and perform work, AND
  • Is not intended for continuous occupancy, AND
  • Has a limited or restricted means of entrance or egress.

In addition, if all three of these conditions exist and any of the following also are present or potentially present, a written entry permit must be obtained from EH&S prior to entry:

  • hazardous atmosphere, OR
  • material which could engulf an entrant
  • an internal configuration such that the entrant could be trapped or asphyxiated.

Determination of any space in question can be made by EH&S. Prior to entry, contact us at 8-8182 and we can make an evaluation. We also will arrange for training and an atmospheric check.

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