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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

MSDS Online

Exclam Warning SymbolWorking with any hazardous material safely requires that some essential information is known up front. You would want to know things such as, “How will I protect myself while working with this material? What will I do if I drop the bottle and it breaks? What will I do if it accidentally gets on my skin? What other chemicals or conditions should be avoided? How do I dispose of it once I’ve finished using it?  Where do I find all of these answers anyway?!”

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) provide the means to be well-informed about all aspects of the hazardous materials that are used in our work, research or studies. MSDS are prepared by manufacturers of hazardous materials and generally a hardcopy is sent with the hazardous material the first time it is purchased. MSDS can quickly be obtained via online search engines; however, the results can sometimes be less than adequate, especially if the MSDS was not written using the best information. Thus, having a reliable and quality online source to get chemical hazard information is needed.

Fortunately, the newly available MSDSonline service, provided by EH&S, meets all of these needs.  Launch the site via and gain access by entering your Andrew ID and password. Once inside, simply type the chemical name, CAS number or the manufacturer/part number to start the search. The resulting MSDS can be saved as PDF files or printed.  This service has 7 million records.

For additional assistance with MSDSonline or with understanding MSDS information, please contact EH&S at 412-268-8182. Use MSDSonline the next time you need to get to know your hazardous materials better!


By: Michael J. Patrick,, 412-268-3221