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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Have You Ever Been Injured?

Very few of us can answer that question other than by saying yes.  The question then becomes, "Were you injured on the job?"  A positive answer to that question raises some red flags.

First, did you report it?  Too often we ignore those little bumps and bruises and shrug them off as just part of the job.  That is a big mistake.  No matter how minor your injury, you need to report it.  In fact, even if some unusual event occurs that does not result in an injury, it should be reported. 

There are a couple of reasons we need you to report incidents, one of which can turn out to be extremely important to you.  If that minor scratch becomes infected, or if that bump turns out to have produced a small fracture or ligament tear, reporting it will get you into the Workers' Compensation program, meaning your medical bills will be covered.  Failure to report will make your burden of proving your injury is job-related much more difficult.  Why take the chance?

The other reason we need you to report your injury is important to EH&S, although it has a great deal of  importance to you and the rest of the campus, too.  Reporting it makes us aware that something is wrong.  Unless we know about it, we can't correct it.  Left uncorrected, it may happen again, and it could be much more serious the next time.  Reporting your injury, or even those events that don't result in injury, can save you and your co-workers a lot of pain and anxious moments in the future.

Injury reports have resulted in new training programs, changes in processes, new or different tools and equipment, and corrections of problems that nobody knew existed before.  These are all positive things that benefit everyone.  Help us, and yourself, by reporting every accident, whether it produces an injury or not.

Click here to complete a work-related Supervisor, Injury & Illness Report.

By: Jim Gindlesperger