General Glassware Rules-Environmental Health & Safety - Carnegie Mellon University

Monday, November 1, 2010

General Glassware Rules

1.     Borosilicate glassware is preferred for use in the lab.   Pyrex, Bomex, Duran and Kimax all refer to borosilicate glass.

2.     Inspect your glassware before each use.  It should be free of flaws; such as cracks, chips or visual defects.

3.     Dispose of broken lab glassware in heavy duty cardboard box labeled as "Broken Glass".

4.     Thoroughly clean your glassware before & after each use.

5.     Glass pipette tips should be placed in a Sharps Container and disposed of as Biological Waste.

6.     Glassware that is to be evacuated, or used at high pressure or under a vacuum, should be heavy-walled, taped or in a protective jacket.

7.     Glassware that will transfer materials should have a pour spout.

8.     Empty glass containers (such as empty chemical bottles) should be defaced (or write the word
"Empty" on the bottle) and pitched as trash.  Preferably place the bottles in a cardboard box (as in Rule 3).   NOTE: empty containers of acutely toxic material should be triple rinsed, or simply submit the empty bottle with residue to the hazardous waste program.

9.     Inserting tubing, rods or stoppers should be done with appropriate precautions (wear leather gloves & lubricate the glass).

10.   Store glassware on shelves and not the floor.

By: Jeffrey Harris