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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

'Tis the Season for...

I want to remind everyone that home fires are more prevalent during the winter months than any other season. Test your winter fire safety knowledge with this quiz.

1) In December ½ of home decoration fires are started by what?
a. electrical problems    b. space heaters      c. matches/lighters      d. candles

2) Which type of equipment should NOT be used to heat your home?
a. fireplace    b. central heating      c. oven                      d. wood stove

3) The most common cause of space heater fires is:
a. heater left unattended       b. heater placed too close to combustibles    c. heater mechanical malfunction      d. heater turned on unintentionally or not turned off

4) Lit candles should be:
a. extinguished when you leave the room     b. extinguished when you leave the home
c. used only in kitchen     d. placed at least 6” away from any combustible materials

5) The leading day for home fires involving cooking equipment is:
a. Thanksgiving       b. Christmas    c. Super Bowl Sunday        d. Fourth of July

6) Carbon Monoxide alarms should be installed:
a. in the basement or near the furnace  
b. on every level of the home and outside each sleeping area       c. inside each bedroom and outside each sleeping area     d. on every level of the home

7) Connect no more than ____ strands of mini string light sets.
 a. 5     b. 4     c. 3     d.  2

8) Carbon Monoxide can be produced by what?
a. vehicles and generators     b. gas or charcoal grills     c. a wood, coal, gas, or oil stove/furnace              d. all of the above

9) The leading cause in home heating fires is what?
a. heater left unattended     b. mechanical failure     c. heater too close to combustible materials                d. failure to clean heating equipment and chimney

10) The best way to prevent a stove top fire is:
a. use an electrical stove     b. cook with a lid and an oven mitt near stove top
c. do not leave the kitchen unattended     d. place a lid on the pan while cooking

Correct answers are: 1) b   2) c   3) b   4) a   5) a   6) b   7) c   8) d   9) d   10) c

By: Rick Caruso, rmcaruso@andrew.cmu.edu, 412-268-9404