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Monday, July 1, 2013

Scary Events at Other Institutions

Kansas State University
Six people at Kansas State were treated at a hospital after being exposed to a spill of 70% nitric acid. A faculty member was hand-carrying a 9 pound glass bottle of the acid when the bottle accidentally struck a doorway, causing it to break and splash acid directly onto the faculty member’s lower extremities. [Always move hazardous materials in a bucket or other secondary container, and use a cart for multiple and/or large containers.]

University of Cincinnati
A U. of Cincinnati student was working alone on an aluminum etching procedure at 1 a.m. when an explosion occurred. The student was wearing proper personal protective equipment (PPE); however, burns were received while removing the PPE. [Doing hazardous work alone in the wee hours? Not a good idea.]

University of Vermont
 UVM was fined $19,660 by the EPA for records violations resulting from inconsistent maintenance of lab self-inspections, incorrect use of self-assessments, mislabeling of storage containers, and laboratory personnel not taking appropriate corrective actions following inspections.

West Virginia University
WVa University was fined more than $42,000 for waste management violations that included lack of personnel training records, lack of a contingency plan for waste management, improperly marked waste containers, and open waste containers.

By: Madelyn Miller,, 412-268-1377