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Monday, July 1, 2013

Dangerous Goods Shipping

If you are planning to ship hazardous materials, or even something that contains a small % of these items, than you should consult EH&S for a shipment review.  There are some basic shipping needs, or be prepared to answer questions from either the Department of Transportation and/or Federal Aviation Administration:
•    Lithium Ion (Li Ion) Battery or any equipment containing a Lithium Ion Battery with a 100 Watt Hour Rating or higher.
•    Nickel Metal or Lead Acid Batteries.
•    Magnetized material, or any equipment capable of generating a magnetic field.
•    Dry Ice, even if the materials you’re preserving are not hazardous.
•    Any material listed as a “Dangerous Good” by the International Air Transportation Administration:
Class 1: Explosive (you really shouldn’t have such things, but an example might be Primers)
Class 2: Compressed Gases (even Compressed Air)
Class 3: Flammable Liquids (including Combustible Liquids)
Class 4: Reactive Materials (e.g., azides, fine powder metals, etc.)
Class 5: Oxidizing Materials (such as peroxides)
Class 6: Toxic Materials (ex: samples in Formalin)
Class 7: Radioactive Materials (again you shouldn’t have such things, but a possible example is a Static Eliminators)
Class 8: Corrosives (Hydrochloric Acid, Nitric Acid, Ammonia, etc.)
Class 9: Otherwise Regulated Material (such as Dry Ice, Batteries, Magnets/Magnetic Devices, Oils, some types of First Aid Kits, etc.)
What if you order these materials and are simply receiving them?  Well, you may need to also be trained for this too!  Additionally, where will you receive them?  Take them on the bus? NO WAY!  Take them in your car?  NOT GOOD IDEA!  Even if you plan on going to The Mellon Institute Store Room and carrying them back to campus, well…THINK AGAIN!  EH&S is your resource for help on these matters and
you can contact me at jjharris@andrew.cmu.edu.  I will keep you legal!

By: Jeffrey Harris, jjharris@andrew.cmu.edu, 421-268-7501