Respiratory Protection-Environmental Health & Safety - Carnegie Mellon University

Friday, October 1, 2010

Respiratory Protection

Here at Carnegie Mellon, we strive to provide laboratory facilities, practices and procedures that should preclude any person's need to wear respiratory protection while performing their lab work.  As a result, there are VERY FEW campus situations where a respirator is needed.  Additionally, due to fairly strict and comprehensive OSHA respirator regulations, it is IMPERATIVE that EH&S know where any respirators are being used, to determine that they are properly used and offering the protection needed.  If you or your lab workers use or have respiratory protection, please let me know promptly.  I will ensure that both compliance and safety are properly achieved.  If respirator use is necessary, EH&S will provide you with the proper respirators, at no cost to your lab.

Disposable face-piece masks are permitted in most circumstances, though they only provide protection from dusts and mists but NOT gases or vapors of any sort.  Please contact me regarding these as well, as there are still regulatory requirements associated with them.