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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Purchasing Compressed Gases

Carnegie Mellon Procurement Policy requires that compressed gases be purchased centrally, through Mellon Stores (even for non-Mellon locations)  Please observe the following information, from this Procurement Policy:
Compressed gases in cylinders are purchased using blanket purchase orders or a Procurement Card; but these orders are not initiated by individual departments.  Rather, the Mellon Institute Storeroom is responsible for any blanket and daily orders for gas purchases and cylinder demurrage (rental), which eliminates the need for orders at the departmental level.

To acquire gas cylinders, use the following procedure:

1. Contact the Mellon Institute Storeroom (412-268-3212) to discuss your requirements. If there are specialized needs, be sure to tell the Mellon Institute Storeroom Manager or a PS Commodity Manager.
2. Submit all requests/requisitions for gases, in writing to the Mellon Institute Storeroom. This precaution reduces the possibility of error or duplication, and eliminates restocking charges.
3. The Mellon Institute Storeroom places all orders with the supplier. They are responsible to tag the cylinder when it arrives, enter it into a computerized inventory system, pay the bill, calculate the monthly demurrage, bill the using department, and return the empty or unused cylinder.
4. All charges appear in the departmental general ledger statements. A copy of all issue slips is provided for verification. Demurrage (rental) and gas cost distributions are handled by journal entries. A nominal handling fee from the Mellon Institute Storeroom is applied to purchases and/or demurrage.
5. Disposal of individual lecture bottles is expensive due to the unknown nature of contents and volumes. Consideration should be given to renting small cylinders rather than purchasing lecture bottles. Discuss your requirements with the Mellon Institute Storeroom prior to submitting any written requests for lecture bottles.

By: Mark Banister, markb2@andrew.cmu.edu, x81493