Preparing for the Holiday Break-Environmental Health & Safety - Carnegie Mellon University

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Preparing for the Holiday Break

Later this month, most of us will be taking a well-deserved break from our lab activities.  To help prevent accidents and problems from occurring while you are away, please do the following before you leave:    

X    Ensure that all experiments have been properly stopped and shut down.  
X    For any processes that MUST continue while you are away, please inform Mark Banister (8-1493) or Jeff Harris (8-7501) of the activity.
X    Perform a walkthrough of your labs to ensure that all containers, including hazardous waste containers, are tightly closed and sealed.  Check the materials in your storage cabinets as well.
X    Pull down your fume hood sash to about an inch from the bottom.  This will help save energy and also retain hazardous materials fumes should there be bottle or container break in your hood.
X    Find out if anyone will be working alone with hazardous materials in the lab during the break.   These people will need to complete and submit a "Permission to Work Alone" form* in order for the work to occur.
X    Enjoy Your Holiday!