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Friday, April 1, 2011

Non-employees in Labs

From our Chemical Hygiene Plan:
Special activities must be performed when persons who are not employees of Carnegie Mellon are present in the laboratory (grad students receive pay for their work and should be considered employees!)

All students regardless of age enrolled in regular or other university-sanctioned classes or related businesses (such as Carnegie Mellon's "Bring Your Child to Work Day") are addressed by the University's liability agreements.  If these students are under age 18, hazardous material exposure must be minimal, and constant supervision by a staff member of the lab is required.  No other action is needed.

Other persons under age 18
If the applicable persons are enrolled in an Outreach program, the issue of whether a waiver of liability will be required from the parent or guardian of the person will be decided on a case by case basis.   Contact University Counsel for further details and information.
If persons under age 18 are NOT enrolled in an Outreach program or regular university function, as noted above, they are NOT permitted to be in the laboratory where hazardous materials are present.