Medical Monitoring and OSHA-Environmental Health & Safety - Carnegie Mellon University

Friday, October 1, 2010

Medical Monitoring and OSHA

In your Laboratory Safety training, you were informed that OSHA mandates that Carnegie Mellon address certain chemical exposures (or suspected exposures) in certain ways.  If any of the three things occur, we are required to offer you a medical consultation.  If the consultation specifies any testing, procedures or other medical activities occur, we are required to provide you with them, at our cost, and with medical privacy for you.

If proper, safe chemical use techniques and procedures occur, none of these things should occur, but if they do, you are entitled to know your rights under the law.   Contact us with any questions.  These are the three situations:

1.    You are involved in a significant spill of a hazardous chemical and over exposure may have occurred
2.    We find that you have been exposed to a hazardous chemical over the PEL (remember what that is?)
3.    You begin showing signs or symptoms of overexposure to a chemical that you have been working with.