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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fume Hoods

We talk a lot about fume hoods in the course of Lab Safety and they are, indeed, one of the primary safety tools we have to protect ourselves as we work with hazardous and volatile chemicals.  It should be obvious that it is critical to be sure that our hoods are working properly before we begin our chemical handling.  At the left side of all hoods, there should be a sticker placed at the height where the hood sash should be, indicating whether the hood has been tested and approved for use.  NEVER USE A HOOD THAT IS MARKED WITH A RED “STOP” TAG—IT IS NOT WORKING AND MUST NOT BE USED FOR WORK OR FOR STORAGE!

Nearly all of our hoods that electronic monitors of some sort which indicate the air flow for the unit.  Typically we need to see 80-120 feet per minute velocity.  Unfortunately, a few hoods do NOT have properly working hood monitors.  If there is a question of whether the hood is working properly, refer to the hood tag on the side (such as in the photo.)  If you still have questions, contact EH&S and we will evaluate the hood performance.

By: Mark Banister, markb2@andrew.cmu.edu, 412-268-1493