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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

EHS Web Site

Did you know that there is a lot of helpful information on the EH&S web site? Well, I didn’t think so (just kidding). Seriously, we heartily recommend your bookmarking our main page (or anything else within it you find might be of recurring interest (especially the MSDS link page) on your browser: .
A common question we receive is: “When I have an injury in my lab, I know I am supposed to tell my supervisor. Often, though, they don’t know how to report it. How should we report a lab injury?” The answer is to go to the EH&S web site and print out the form which is located under “Occupational and Office Safety” and find the link to the form on the right side of that page. At the link, it will also indicate how to submit the form. (It is an HR form.)
New this month is a program on Pyrophoric Safety1. Though these materials are not widely used on campus, they do present a serious safety risk and there are many hurdles we all must address to ensure that they are properly used. Look for this under “Chemical Safety/Forms, Policies and Procedures/Pyrophoric Handling Policy.”
1Pyrophoric materials are items that may ignite spontaneously with air (or moisture in the air.) Did you learn something today?