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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chemical Safety Training Refresher

A new Lab Safety Refresher Training process is set to begin this August.

If you have received the EH&S Laboratory Safety and Hazardous Waste training more than three years ago, you will be receiving an email in August with the new Lab Safety Refresher training attached.  The training will be a brief handout that will explain any recent changes to the Carnegie Mellon University's Chemical Hygiene Plan.  It will also cover important information about how to use chemicals in a safe manner and how to comply with the EPA and CMU hazardous waste rules.  The last page of the handout will ask you to print it out, sign and return it to the EH&S department via interoffice mail or fax.  (This is the same process used in annual refreshers of radiation safety training.)  If you receive the Refresher email this August, please make sure you read over the training carefully and then sign and return the sheet in a timely manner.  You must complete this refresher training if you wish to continue working with chemicals or managing a lab here at CMU. If you have any questions please contact Michael Fouch at 268-3221 or