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Monday, August 2, 2010

Chemical Container Disposal

We have talked in the past about being sure, when old chemical containers are disposed of, that the label and other marking indicating what USED TO BE in the container are no longer there.  

Recently, in the news, there was something that may drive this practice home a little more.  Much of an entire neighborhood in Pittsburgh was evacuated recently when a 55 gallon drum labeled "cyanide" was found apparently abandoned.  As it turns out, there was no cyanide in the drum, and that its contents were found to be non hazardous.  Nevertheless, a few moments of time on the part of the person re-using the drum in deleting the hazard markings, would have saved a great deal of wasted response time, as well as time and worry on the part of the people evacuated from their homes.

Be sure, when you dispose of old chemical containers, that the original contents are completely removed and the label and warnings are fully defaced, to avoid future problems.