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Monday, June 6, 2011

OSHA Medical Consultations

You should be aware of certain requirements of the OSHA Lab Standard that apply to all lab employees regarding medical attention to be provided in the event of a hazardous chemical overexposure.

As your employer, Carnegie Mellon is required to offer you a medical examination in any of these circumstances:

  • If you have been involved in a significant spill or release of a hazardous material,
  • If you have or are developing symptoms associated with over-exposure to a material that you work with,
  • If an air test has been taken for a material you work with, in your lab, and an exceedance of the PEL is found.

The medical information is required to remain private between you and the physician; the university is required to pay for the medical costs and to follow the recommendations provided.

Image of the torso of a doctor with arms folded

If you feel a medical evaluation is required for any situation you have in your laboratory, please contact Mark Banister at: