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Thursday, May 8, 2014

New ChemTracker Version 4

ChemTracker software has been updated!  Version 4 includes a cleaner interface, better search functions and the ability to enter chemicals using the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) number.  Gone is the “Find Values” function; database lookup is now automatic once two characters have been entered!  Users can save multiple searches and chemical addition templates, view summaries of search results and manage modification of multiple containers at one time.  Version 4 is simply a new way of accessing and managing chemical inventory that is already in the ChemTracker Database, and it improves the adding of new chemicals.  The chemical data is the same as Version 1; it just now has a better interface.

Here is what ChemTracker users are saying about version 4
•    “Overall, I have been very impressed with version 4. I like that I can save templates for future searches. Also, I like that inventory lists contain lots of information. So far, no complaints.” – ChemTracker User, Chemical Engineering
•    “User-friendly version!” – ChemTracker User, Institute for Complex Engineered Systems
•    “I really like the new ChemTracker. The features are now more self-explanatory. The feature I like the most is the template. Whenever I add a new chemical or want to search for one, I can save the 'add template' or the 'search template' and use them later. It really saves a lot of time for me.” – ChemTracker User, Physics

Check out ChemTracker v4 for yourself!

To help you become comfortable using ChemTracjker Version 4, New User Introduction classes are available at CMU. Please register here 

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By: Mark Banister,, 412-268-1493