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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

(Material) Safety Data Sheets

Why do I have the word "material" in parentheses, in the headline above?  The well-known MSDS may be changing its acronym to just "SDS."  This will be in conformance with new OSHA regulations addressing "global harmonization" of safety information.  Specifically, this means that the United States will be changing some of its safety activities to be in better "sync" with the way much of the rest of the world addresses them.  For now, just keep an eye out for messages in this newsletter and from EH&S staff as the changes become better known.

Until that time, the good, old MSDS are still available from our web page, at:


While the links at our web page are very helpful, it may be easier, if you are searching on-line for a MSDS, to put the name of the material and the phrase "msds" into a search engine.  We here in EH&S use that a lot and find it very helpful.

If you are interested in more information on the Global Harmonization System changes to the MSDS, please go to: