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Monday, April 30, 2012

Laboratory Specific Training

All of our lab people are required to take the Environmental Health and Safety Laboratory Safety and Hazardous Waste training sessions (offered a few times every month.)  As far as mandatory training goes, this is just the first part of the OSHA requirements we must follow. 

Equally important is the requirement that laboratory-specific training also be performed for all laboratory workers.  This training should be done by the laboratory PI or his/her designate, and must address lab-specific rules and handling practices for the hazards in the lab.

This training should address these types of issues (this list in not all-inclusive!)

1.       The specific types of hazards present in the lab, including chemicals, gases, and cryogens.  Special attention should be made to particularly hazardous substances.

2.       Restrictions to work permitted in the lab-materials and processes that need special permission to perform or use.

3.       The laboratory's working alone restrictions and restrictions for unattended procedures

4.       Laboratory working hours

5.       Details of housekeeping duties:  identify people who are responsible for clean-up of certain areas, perhaps a rotating schedule?

6.       The location of the items noted in the above article "Six Things All Lab People Should Know"

This laboratory-specific training needs to be documented by the laboratory; in the event OSHA visits the university, they will ask to see documentation of all training, including the EH&S class and the lab-specific.  They are also very likely to ask lab employees specific questions in this regard, such as "Where would you find the Chemical Hygiene Plan?"  A response of "What's that?" would not be a good thing...

Please contact EH&S with any questions regarding the need for Laboratory-Specific Safety Training.

By: Mark Banister,, 412-268-1493