Laboratory Safety Committee-Environmental Health & Safety - Carnegie Mellon University

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Laboratory Safety Committee

Here at Carnegie Mellon, we have a Laboratory Safety Committee (LSC) that consists of representatives from all academic departments with chemical laboratories.  The LSC meets five times per year to discuss departmental safety concerns as well as to act as a vanguard to establish proper safety practices and routines on campus.  If you have a lab safety or environmental question or problem, in addition to our office, you can contact your departmental representative.  They are:

Lab Safety Committee Members:

Biological Sciences    Carrie Doonan, David Hackney
Biomedical and Chemical Engineering   

Kris Dahl

Chemistry    Karen Stump, Kevin Noonan
Material Science & Engineering    Adam Wise, Brett Riale
ECE    Matt Moneck
Mechanical Engineering    Ed Wojciechowski
Physics    Barry Luokkala
Molecular Biosensor and Imaging Center Chris Szent-Gyorgyi
Civil and Environmental Engineering Ron Ripper
Graduate Students  Dan Shiwarski
EH&S Mark Banister, Jeff Harris, Michael Patrick
Executive Representation Madelyn Miller

By: Mark Banister`,, 412-268-1493