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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Lab Safety Winners

We are very, very pleased to announce that, due to a contribution from the Mellon College of Science, ALL lab group entrants (not just three labs) in our Lab Safety Extravaganza contest were winners of the bagel/coffee/schmear treat!


Here are the winning lab groups:

Achim Lab Group (Chemistry, MI 829 & 835)

Armitage Lab Group (Chemistry, MI 726/732 & 746/748)

Das Lab Group (Chemistry, MI 734-740)

Koepsel Lab Group (ICES, MI 160 & 164)

Majidi Lab Group (MechE, SH B6B)

Dzombak Lab Group (CEE, PH 207A-J)

Skowronski Lab Group (MSE, ReH 203)

Whitacre Lab Group (MSE, WeH 4310)

We would like to thank each of the entrants for emerging as leaders in lab safety and for their efforts in addressing our five most common lab safety issues:  appropriate spill kits, no blockage of safety equipment, “Permission to Work Alone” forms completed, PHS forms completed and ChemTracker updated.  Congratulations again to our winners!


By: Mark Banister,, 412-268-1493