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Monday, May 6, 2013

Hazardous Waste Pickups

We know that there have been more-than-usual problems with our waste vendor getting all of the hazardous waste requests picked up on the scheduled dates We are dealing with them on the subject, but there are some other things we’d like to address which will also help the situation.

It is critical that someone be present in your lab to let our contractor in to get the waste.  If you find that you will temporarily not be in your lab at the time of the scheduled pick-up, please place a sign on the lab door indicating either when you will be back or a cell number where you can be reached to come and let the contractors in.  Locked lab doors are a constant challenge to the schedule and these two things will greatly help in the process.

By: Mark Banister, markb2@andrew.cmu.edu, 412-268-5616