Graduate Student Subcommittee of the Laboratory Safety Committee-Environmental Health & Safety - Carnegie Mellon University

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Graduate Student Subcommittee of the Laboratory Safety Committee

You probably know that there is a University Laboratory Safety Committee, consisting of representatives from each university department where laboratories are present.  The committee is designed to address lab safety issues and act as a conduit of information between lab personnel and EH&S.  There is a representative on the committee addressing GRADUATE STUDENTS as well.  The subcommittee contains grad students from each lab department.   Daniel Shiwarski of Biological Sciences and Gagan Srivastava of Mech Engineering are co-chairs of this subcommittee.  Other members are:  Patrick Boyer of Chemical Engineering, Lauren Strahs of Civil and Environmental Engineering, William Frazier of Materials Science and Engineering, and Sahil Sangani of Biological Sciences.  If you have any issues relating to lab safety you’d like the Lab Safety Committee to address, please contact one of the representatives on this subcommittee.

By: Mark Banister,, 412-268-1493