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Friday, September 6, 2013

Fact Sheets for Chemical Safety

EH&S has prepared a number of fact sheets for use addressing specific safety issues on campus.  A number of these address specific chemical safety issues.  Check out the following link to access these fact sheets:


Here are some of the fact sheets available:

•    Ancillary workers in hazardous materials areas    •    Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) use
•    Hazard Communication Pictograms (new)             •    Hazard Identification for SDS/MSDS (new)
•    Hazardous Materials Shipping Information            •    Lab Personnel with Medical Conditions
•    Lab Spill Kit Preparation                                        •    Nanoparticle Safety
•    Piranha Solution Handling                                     •    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
•    Pyrophoric Usage                                                  •    Respirator User Information
•    Handling Sharps in Labs                                        •     Use of Disposable Face masks

Are there any other topics that you thing might be valuable for you to have prepared in a fact sheet?  If so, please let me know at markb2@andrew.cmu.edu.

By: Mark Banister, markb2@andrew.cmu.edu, 412-268-1493