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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cleaning up the Lab: Housekeeping

Many labs take the holiday break time to do some badly-needed (in some cases) cleaning and housekeeping in their work areas.  We strongly encourage this activity but want to remind you of some safe practices as you do this work.

NOT this:

But this!

not this like this
  1. Dispose of any old, unneeded and un-useable chemicals through our hazardous waste program.
  2. Dispose of unneeded equipment, glassware, boxes, papers, catalogs, etc.!
  3. Find a place for all equipment glassware and chemicals, and put them in their places.
  4. Clear out stored items from under safety showers and from blocking eye washes.  Find a permanent alternative place for these things!
  5. Clean out those dirty sinks!
  6. Resolve in the new year to tidy up your lab every week!

By: Mark Banister,, 412-268-1493