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Friday, April 1, 2011

ChemTracker Tip

Though the ChemTracker chemical inventory program has been in place for many years now at Carnegie Mellon, people sometimes find it quite daunting to maneuver through it.  Here is the second article on some aspects of the program you might find helpful.

Did you know that in the "search" page, you can search for a root phrase?  This may be helpful if you are looking for something where you can't remember the exact name (such as for an unusual or long structural name).  For example, you can search your inventory for "benzo" if you know that that root is present in the chemical name.  (or aceto-, mercapto-, etc.)  This will help if you have a very large inventory and don't want to have to scroll through the WHOLE thing!

There is MSDS and other safety information present in the system, for your use.  If you search for a particular chemical in your inventory, the result page should have links at the top left for an MSDS and for Safety information.  The MSDS link will send you to outside sites from manufacturers.  The "safety information" link will call up some basic, general information on the material, such as its health and physical hazards, synonyms, and proper storage information.  The numbers for the NFPA warning diamond (the symbol noted here) are also there.  

Special note: be sure to temporarily allow pop-ups when in ChemTracker, as most of the results and reports appear in these new windows.