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Thursday, March 10, 2011

ChemTracker Tip

Though the ChemTracker chemical inventory program has been in place for many years now at Carnegie Mellon, people sometimes find it quite daunting to maneuver through it.  I am planning a series of short tips in this newsletter, that I hope will help people uncover its many useful aspects.

We find that people are very comfortable with Excel.  Did you know that you can download your ChemTracker inventory in an excel spreadsheet?  And from there you can sort your inventory a number of different ways?

After you log in to the system, prepare a query for the Professor or Chemical Owner you are interested in.  You may fine-tune it to a specific room, if you'd like.  After the query, go to the "reports" link under the chemical list.  Select "download excel file".  You can save this, sort is as you'd like (such as alphabetically by chemical name), and even post it in the lab or room as well.  Remember, it is critical that you keep an updated inventory in ChemTracker, but this excel option may allow you some additional flexibility in what you do with the information.  I hope this helps!