Weather Emergencies-Environmental Health & Safety - Carnegie Mellon University

Weather Emergencies

Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) monitors weather conditions through the use of a site specific weather monitoring service. EH&S will make notifications in the event that severe weather is approaching the university.

If severe weather catches you outside:

  • Try to get inside a building.
  • If this isn’t possible:
    • Get into a low lying area, such as a ditch or depression
    • Lie face down
    • Cover your head.

If you can get indoors before severe weather arrives:

  • Get to a sheltered area within the building, preferably one where there are no windows or materials that can become projectiles.
  • For a tornado, seek cover in a low area of the building, get under a table or desk, and remain there until the danger has passed.
  • For emergencies involving flooding, go to a high part of the building and take cover as needed.
    • Do not enter flooded areas. There could be unseen dangers, such as raw sewage, live power, or open holes that you could fall into.

Call 412-268-2323 to report injuries and damage.