Persons with Disabilities -Environmental Health & Safety - Carnegie Mellon University

Persons with Disabilities

  • Persons needing assistance should register with the Manager of Disability Resources (412-268-2013).
  • Identify someone who might provide assistance in leaving the building and/or who will inform emergency management personnel of your presence and location.
  • If you are able, exit the building immediately using the most direct route. If unable to evacuate on your own, ask for assistance to your assigned emergency waiting area. If you have not been assigned an area, go to the nearest enclosed stairwell or remain where you are if you can do so safely.
  • Ask someone leaving the building to notify emergency responders of your location. If unable to get someone else to notify responders, try to get to an area where there is a phone (you should plan this in advance so you don’t have to look for such a location). Call 8-2323 from a campus phone or 412-268-2323 from a cellular phone and tell them where you are.
  • Nobody should attempt to carry another person from a building during an evacuation.