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CMU ALERT Frequently Asked Questions

I want to add/change my phone number to receive CMU ALERTS. What should I do?

What contact data should I provide the university?

How do I terminate the service when I graduate or go on an extended leave?

If I see a caller ID display of 411-000-0000. Who is this?

I heard that my classmate received a voice message from the university, but I did not. Why?

I heard that my classmate received a SMS (text) message on the cell phone from the university, but I did not. Why?

My cellular carrier is not listed. Why?

I received a call but the message didn’t start at the beginning.

When I answered my phone there was no response, even though it showed the 411-000-0000 on my caller ID. Why didn’t I get my message?

What if I have a problem and need technical support. Who do I call?

Where do I go for more information about an emergency?

Have more questions?

CMU's emergency alert system notifies the university community when there's a significant campus emergency or weather event.

See this document for step-by-step instructions

CMU ALERT Emergency Notification Service