Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)-Environmental Health & Safety - Carnegie Mellon University

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) Locations

AEDs are devices designed to restore the heart to its normal rhythm in the event of cardiac arrest. This condition can and has occurred in people of all ages. The university has installed AEDs at numerous locations throughout campus. Buildings containing AEDs are identified with a decal on main entrance doors.

To use an AED it is simply a matter of opening the case. A recorded voice will direct you step-by-step on actions to be taken.

  • Click here for specific AED locations by building.
  • EH&S offers training throughout the year.  Click here to see the list of dates.

AED Locations By Building

Building Name
(click link for building map)
211 South Craig St
300 South Craig St
311 South Craig Street
317-319 South Craig St.
4615 Forbes Avenue(GATF Leased)
4616 Henry Street
6555 Penn Avenue
Alumni House
Baker - Porter Hall
Bakery Square
  • Room 106
Bramer House & Garage
Cohen University Center
Collaborative Innovation Center (CIC)
College of Fine Arts (CFA)
Cyert Hall
Doherty Hall
Donner Hall

East Campus Garage

Facilities Management Services
Gates and Hillman Center
Hamburg Hall
Hamerschlag Hall
Hunt Library
Margaret Morrison Carnegie Hall
Mellon Institute
Morewood Gardens A-D
Morewood Gardens E
National Robotics Engineering Consortium
Newell-Simon Hall
Pittsburgh Technology Center
Posner Center
Posner Hall


  • 11th Floor
  • 14th Floor
Purnell Center for the Arts

Rand Bldg

Resnik House


  • Athletics Office 2nd Floor
Software Engineering Institute
Stever House
University Technical Development Center
Warner Hall
Wean Hall
West Wing
Whitfield Hall