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Satellite Accumulation Point Guidelines

  • Hazardous waste containers must be in good condition and must not leak.
  • Contents must be compatible with each other and the container.Hazardous Waste Bottle
  • Use properly fitting screw caps, lined with a material that is chemically resistant to waste (do not use corks or rubber stoppers).
  • Hazardous waste containers must be kept closed except when adding or removing waste. (Remove funnels after use.)
  • Do not fill bottles to top, leave 10% expansion space.
  • Clearly label containers "HAZARDOUS WASTE” and indicate contents.
  • Remove or completely deface manufacturer's labels, if reusing bottles for waste
  • Keep hazardous waste in secondary containment to prevent accidental release.
  • *Secondary containment should be chemically resistant and be able to contain a leak of up to 10% (by volume) of the largest container.
  • Hazardous waste can be accumulated up to 6 months, after which a request should be submitted for disposal and a new container started.

*Secondary containment may be obtained from the Environmental Health & Safety Office.

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