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All Carnegie Mellon personnel who work with hazardous chemicals must be trained in the proper and safe handling, storage and disposal of these materials. For employees, this is an OSHA REQUIREMENT.

Works with hazardous chemicals in a Laboratory setting

If you work with hazardous chemicals in a laboratory setting, you will need to attend, at a minimum, the Laboratory Safety and Hazardous Waste Generation session (2.5 hours total).

The only exception is for lab students who have successfully completed Carnegie Mellon Course 09-221, Laboratory 1: Introduction to Chemical Analysis. It has been determined that the safety and environmental elements of this course meet the OSHA requirements.

Works with hazardous chemicals in a Non-Laboratory setting For persons in non-laboratory settings who work with hazardous chemicals, it is required that you successfully complete the class Hazard Communication. There are no exceptions.

Many persons working with hazardous chemicals also work with other hazards and may need one or more the following classes:

  • Lab Ergonomics - When dealing with repetitive activities, extensive computer work or lifting heavy materials, such as gas cylinders.
  • DOT Shipping When preparing hazardous materials for shipment
  • Bloodborne Pathogens When working with human blood, tissue or materials derived from these items
  • Biological Safety When working with biological agents or hazards
  • Radiation Safety When working with radioactive materials or radiation producing devices such as X-ray units or electron microscopes.
  • Laser Safety When working with lasers

To find out further information on any EH&S training session, to check the schedule for upcoming classes or to enroll for a class on-line, please go to the our Training Course page.

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