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Biological Materials Inventory

To fulfill the requirements of Carnegie Mellon University’s Safety Plan for the Use of Biological Materials and Associated Devices as well as federal regulations, all researchers who use or possess biological materials must submit an accurate and up-to-date biological materials inventory to EH&S.

Please use the "Biological Inventory Checklist," found in the box on your right, to enter your inventory.  This should be done when your work begins and then when any significant changes are made to the materials being used.  EH&S suggests checking on the correctness of your inventory annually at minimum.  It is recommended you update your inventory after your lab's "Spring cleaning," as this is usually when things differ the most.  Annual updates should be submitted by the end of June, while significant updates should be submitted as they occur.  Please email your completed inventory to Angela Reid or Andrew Lawson.

Office: MI 313
Phone: (412) 268-8405
Contact: Andrew Lawson

Office: MI 313
Phone: (412) 268-7502
Contact: Angela Reid


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